Release Films

Release Film

A release film is used primarily to ensure that the breather fabric and other consumables do not bond to the curing resin.

By use of various perforation patterns within the release film, it can also be used to control the amount of resin that is allowed to be drawn out of the laminate (and absorbed into the breather/bleeder fabric), to achieve the correct fibre ratio within the cured laminate.

Unless a peel-ply is to be used, the release film is placed in direct contact with the reverse (non-tool) face of the laminate.

Wide Range of Applications

The VAC Innovation range of release film covers a wide range of application processes and temperatures. For high temperature applications, VAC Innovation offers a range of high specification, cast fluoropolymer release films, made of ETFE, FEP and PTFE.

As a standard, the ETFE film is blue in colour, whereas the FEP and PTFE film are standard in red. Other colours can be produced upon request. For lower temperature applications (up to 150°C), VAC Innovation also offers a specially blended range of release films suitable for a wide range of processes, from resin infusion through to autoclave pre-preg.

The standard colours are blue for the VACleaseLTB (suitable for up to 100°C) and yellow for the VACleaseLTY (suitable for up to 150°C).

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